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Mark your calendars!!! 

On Dec 8th from 6-9 at the Greens will be the Annual Glenhurst Christmas Party.

This year will be a delicious buffet.

Flyers have been sent out to all residences.

If you did not receive one please call Diane Strube 405.608.3030 or email her [email protected]

If we can not get the minimum participation (40 people) the event will be cancelled!!!

 Flyer with payment is due by Dec 1.

Oklahoma City is under mandatory, year round odd-even watering schedule.Citizens whose address numbers end in an even number may water their yards on even-numbered days and citizens whose house numbers end in an odd number may water on odd-numbered days.  All customers are asked to minimize the potential for overspray onto city streets. Communities that use Oklahoma City water are required to abide by all conservation requirements in the program.

Citations will be issued for water conservation violations in Oklahoma City:
First offense: $202 ($119 plus $83 court costs)
Second offense: $352 ($269 plus $83 court costs)
Third offense: $612 ($519 plus $83 court costs)

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